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Ben Stein
(1 rating)

Political Economist, Commentator, Author & Actor

Mayim Bialik
(3 ratings)

Neuroscientist & Actress, Known For "The Big Bang Theory"

Barney Frank
(2 ratings)

U.S. Congressman (1981-2012); Chairman, House Financial Services Committee (2007-2011)

Henry Winkler

Actor, Producer, Director & Best-Selling Author; Best Known for "Happy Days"

Van Jones
(5 ratings)

CEO of REFORM Alliance, CNN host, Emmy Award-winning Producer & NY Times Best-Selling Author

Mickey Edwards

Vice President & Program Director, Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership at The Aspen Institute; Former US Congressman

Daniel Ayalon

Israeli Diplomat & Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States

Deborah E. Lipstadt
(4 ratings)

Professor of Modern Jewish & Holocaust Studies at Emory University

Mandy Patinkin

Actor Best Known for "Homeland," "Criminal Minds" and "The Princess Bride"

Andrea Mitchell

Award-Winning Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent at NBC & Host of "Andrea Mitchell Reports"

Joseph Stiglitz
(1 rating)

American Economist, Professor at Columbia University & Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2001

Erin Gruwell
(2 ratings)

Founder & Executive Director of the Freedom Writers Foundation

Sir Richard Branson
(1 rating)

Businessman & Founder of Virgin Group

Bob Woodward
(3 ratings)

Legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist/Author and Associate Editor, The Washington Post

Bill Maher

Political Satirist & Host of HBO's "Real Time"

Asra Nomani

Journalist & Author, Women's Rights Activist

Frank Luntz
(1 rating)

Political Pollster & Communication Expert

Amy Goodman

Host & Executive Producer, Democracy Now!

Jared Cohen

President, Jigsaw (previously Google Ideas) & Chief Advisor to Alphabet Executive Chairman (former Google CEO) Eric Schmidt