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Leading activists, politicians, writers, business leaders, and cultural experts are establishing their own public platforms to foster awareness and advocate for change regarding the most important social and cultural issues of our time. These cultural speakers address LGBTQ+ issues, diversity and race, gender equality, education, global communication, and diplomacy. In a world full of unique cultures yet never more connected through globalization and technology, it’s more important than ever to cultivate an understanding of our differences, our similarities, and the social issues we face in global societies. Whether it’s to create better cross-cultural understanding, advocate for social justice, or maintain awareness of current events, these inspiring keynote speakers make a great addition to any event.

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Leslie Dodson

Reporter & Videographer Covering International Finance, Economics, and Politics

Pam Tebow
(1 rating)

Mother of Tim Tebow, Faith-Based & Pro-Life Speaker

Rachel Campos-Duffy

Parenting Expert, Author, Political Analyst & Fox News Contributor

Sheryl WuDunn

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist; Co-author of Half the Sky; Humanitarian

Shawn Harper

Former NFL Football Player, Successful Businessman & Life Coach

Amy Goodman

Host & Executive Producer, Democracy Now!

A.C. Green

3-time NBA Champion, NBA Ironman, Author & Founder of the AC Green Youth Foundation

Bill Maher

Political Satirist & Host of HBO's "Real Time"

Lisa Harper

Storyteller & Theological Scholar; Bestselling Author

Patricia Arquette

Academy Award-Winning Actress, Activist, Humanitarian & Author

Susan Stamberg

Nationally Renowned Broadcast Journalist & NPR Special Correspondent

Andrea Mitchell

Award-Winning Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent at NBC & Host of "Andrea Mitchell Reports"

Linda Ellerbee

Award-Winning Journalist & Television Producer; Breast Cancer Survivor

Asra Nomani

Journalist & Author, Women's Rights Activist

Van Jones
(5 ratings)

CEO of REFORM Alliance, CNN host, Emmy Award-winning Producer & NY Times Best-Selling Author

Lisa Bevere

Author of "Girls with Swords," Co-founder of Messenger International, Christian Leader

James Garbarino
(1 rating)

Author, Psychologist, Expert on Violence & Children; Senior Faculty Fellow, Center for the Human Rights of Children at Loyola University

Gloria Allred

Renowned Women's Rights Attorney; Subject of Netflix Documentary "Seeing Allred"

Ben Stein
(1 rating)

Political Economist, Commentator, Author & Actor

Dan Abrams
(3 ratings)

Chief Legal Affairs Anchor at ABC News & Founder of Abrams Media