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Ian Bremmer

President of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media; Political Scientist, Author, Entrepreneur & Lecturer

Todd Buchholz

Former White House Director of Economic Policy & CNBC Regular

Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & Founder of Grameen Bank; Known for His Work to Eliminate World Poverty

Anil Gupta

Leading Expert on Strategy, Globalization & Emerging Markets

Joseph Stiglitz
(1 rating)

American Economist, Professor at Columbia University & Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2001

Raj Patel
(2 ratings)

Award-Winning Writer, Activist & Academic

Gary Hamel

Internationally Renowned Expert on Business Strategy, Professor at London Business School & Author

Jared Cohen

President, Jigsaw (previously Google Ideas) & Chief Advisor to Alphabet Executive Chairman (former Google CEO) Eric Schmidt

Leslie Dodson

Reporter & Videographer Covering International Finance, Economics, and Politics

Dixon Chibanda
(1 rating)

Psychiatrist & Director of the African Mental Health Initiative

Anderson Cooper

Journalist, TV Personality, Anchor of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°"

Richard Quest
(1 rating)

Renowned CNN Business Correspondent

Haiyan Wang

Managing Partner of China India Institute, Renowned Expert on Global Strategy, Growth & Emerging Markets

Ralph Nader

Former Presidential Candidate for the Green Party, Consumer Advocate & Independent

Geoffrey Moore
(1 rating)

Organizational Theorist, Management Consultant & Author

Geoff Colvin
(3 ratings)

Editor & Columnist at Fortune Magazine; Author of "Humans Are Underrated"

Nicholas Burns

Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy & International Politics, Harvard Kennedy School

James Canton

Futurist, Author & Visionary Business Advisor

Sarah O. Ladislaw

Co-Director and Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program

Sarah Lacy

Technology Journalist; Founder & CEO of PandoMedia and Chairman Mom