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Green Party Speakers

A Third-Party Perspective: Taking an Inside Look at the Policies & Beliefs of the Green Party

List of Green Party Speakers

Educate audiences about the principles of environmental sustainability, social justice, and grassroots activism with these Green Party keynote speakers. An inspiring assembly of leaders, advocates, and visionaries committed to shaping a greener and more equitable world, these speakers bring a unique blend of passion and expertise, sharing insights into the core values of the Green Party, including ecological wisdom, social responsibility, and nonviolence. Delve into discussions on environmental policy, sustainable practices, and the intersectionality of green ideals with broader societal issues. From environmental activists to political leaders, these speakers provide a nuanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the Green Party in advocating for a more sustainable and just future.

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Laurie David

Producer, Activist Author,The Family Dinner: Great Ways To Connect With Your Kids One Meal At A Time

Dr. Jill Stein

Physician, Environmental Activist & Politician; 2016 Green Party Presidential Nominee