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Trust AAE Speakers Bureau for Booking Top Professional Speakers. Find a Keynote Speaker Today.

Women Speakers

Empowering Female Voices: Stories from Visionary Women Who Have Broken Barriers & Shattered Ceilings

Top Female Motivational Speakers | Empowering Women Speakers

Powerful female motivational speakers continue the fight for equal rights and opportunities for women in society. Among today's best keynote speakers, these female business leaders, educators, authors, famous celebrities, and activists are women motivational speakers, pioneers in their fields, and leading advocates of women and girl empowerment, leaving audiences around the world inspired and motivated to go after their dreams. The influential women speakers in this category continue to speak out about one of the greatest human rights challenges in history, working hard to demonstrate why gender equality, inclusion, and social justice for black, Asian, Hispanic and other minority communities are fundamental in business, healthcare, education, technology, cybersecurity, politics, and all other aspects of today's society.

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Alaa Murabit
(1 rating)

Architect of the Sustainable Development Goals, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Gates Foundation Director & UN High level Commissioner

Dr. Jessica Sharp

Workplace Belonging & Organizational Psychologist; Social Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach & Brain Expert

Kristin Frade
(1 rating)

Executive Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Sonia Hunt

Chief Marketing Officer, TEDx Speaker (1M+views), #1 Best-Selling Author, Health & Wellness Expert, Workplace Well-Being Leader

Lusanda Mbane
(1 rating)

Award-Winning Actor, Businesswoman & Social Activist

Nicole Jain
(1 rating)

Education Policy Advisor, Children’s Book Author, Film Producer & Public Servant

Dr. Claudia Espinosa
(1 rating)

Founder & Executive Director of L.O.V.E. Mentoring; Social Entrepreneur; Changemaker

Jenny Schatzle

Fitness Trainer, Author & Motivational Speaker

Joia Crear-Perry

Doctor, Advocate & Founder and President of the National Birth Equity Collaborative

Natalie Nixon
(4 ratings)

Future of Work Expert, Author of "The Creativity Leap", Innovation, Creativity & Leadership Strategy Consultant

Christine Whelan

Professor, Author & Keynote Speaker; Thought Leader on the Quest for Happiness and Well-Being

Leah Marone

Psychotherapist, Corporate Mental Wellness Consultant & Burnout Prevention Expert

Shekinah Elmore
(2 ratings)

Oncologist; Dedicated to Pursuing Equity & Empathy in Oncology Care

Shannon Huffman Polson
(1 rating)

Courage, Resilience & Leadership Speaker; Author of "The Grit Factor"; Founder of The Grit Institute

Minda Harts
(1 rating)

Founder & CEO of The Memo, A Career Development Platform for Women of Color; Bestselling Author of "The Memo"

Deanna Singh
(4 ratings)

Social Entrepreneur, Change Agent & Author of "Purposeful Hustle"; Advocate of Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

Leticia Gomez

Head of Ascendant Entertainment Division of CEO Branding Leader The Ascendant Group; Former CEO & Founder of Savvy Literary Services

Erika Cheung
(9 ratings)

Co-Founder at Ethics in Entrepreneurship