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Early Childhood Education Speakers

Shaping Futures: Foundations of Learning Shared by Early Childhood Education Experts

List of Early Childhood Education Speakers

Discover the immense impact that early childhood education can have on the development of young minds with these expert educators. This curated list of academic advocates features an inspiring ensemble of experts dedicated to shaping the foundation of young minds. Delve into the forefront of pedagogy, developmental psychology, and educational innovation as these speakers share invaluable insights and practical strategies. From fostering a love for learning to navigating the evolving landscape of early education, these speakers bring a wealth of experience and passion to the stage. Explore the critical role of educators, parents, and communities in nurturing the potential of our youngest learners. Unlock the keys to effective early childhood education, where each speaker serves as a beacon, guiding you toward creating enriching, impactful learning experiences for the leaders of tomorrow.

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Chandra Ghosh Ippen
(5 ratings)

Associate Director & Dissemination Director of the Child Trauma Research Program at the University of California, San Francisco

Eduardo BriceƱo
(26 ratings)

Founder & CEO at, Former CEO of Mindset Works, Facilitating a Growth Mindset

Jon Bergmann

Pioneer of the Flipped Class Movement & Bestselling Author of "Flip Your Classroom"; Member of the TED-Education Advisory Board

Pearl Arredondo

Student Advocate, Education Reformer & Principal

Kanya Balakrishna
(1 rating)

Co-Founder & CEO of The Future Project; Youth Empowerment & Education Advocate

Pedro Noguera

Professor of Education, Founder of the Center for the Transformation of Schools UCLA

Michael Oher
(7 ratings)

Founder of Oher Foundation for Disadvantaged Youth; Former NFL Player for Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans & Carolina Panthers; Super Bowl 47 Champion; Story Told in Movie "The Blind Side"

Michelle Rhee

Founder of StudentsFirst & Education Reform Advocate; Former D.C. Public Schools Chancellor

Gever Tulley
(2 ratings)

Founder of the Tinkering School & Brightworks School; Author of "50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do"

Erin Gruwell
(7 ratings)

Founder & Executive Director of the Freedom Writers Foundation; Education Reform Advocate

LeVar Burton
(2 ratings)

Literacy Advocate & Actor Known for "Roots," "Star Trek" & "Reading Rainbow"

Marc Brown

Children's Book Author; Creator of "Arthur"; Advote for Children's Literacy

Heather Staker

Senior Research Fellow on Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute, Child Education Specialist

Patricia Polacco

Award-Winning Children's Author & Illustrator; Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities Advocate

Alan November

International Leader in Education Technology & Author of NYT Bestseller "Who Owns the Learning?", Founder of November Learning

Hannah Bricker

Inclusive Education Advocate, Program Director at The Rise School of Austin & Co-Founder of Teaching2gether

Bertice Berry
(1 rating)

Sociologist, Author and Educator

Al Duncan
(24 ratings)

Motivational Speaker for At-Risk Youth; Authority on Development & Empowerment

Harvey Silver

President of Silver Strong & Associates; Author of "The Core Six"

Juliana Urtubey
(1 rating)

2021 National Teacher of the Year