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Geopolitics Speakers

In a world more connected than ever through globalization and technology, geopolitics can shed light on the effects of economics, geography, demographics, and climate change on world politics. The geopolitical experts in this category include bestselling authors, journalists, global economists, political strategists, and security analysts who offer insightful commentary on international relations and a wide range of issues of global importance. From political and technological forecasts to terrorism and contemporary wars, these educational geopolitical keynote speakers are a leading source of expertise on current events and future trends.

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Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

Former Elite Military Unit Commander, Leadership & Resilience Expert

Robert Muggah

Specialist in Smart and Green Cities, Geopolitics, Public Safety, and Cybersecurity; Co-Founder of Social Policy Think Tank Igarapé Institute & The SecDev Group

Shiza Shahid
(10 ratings)

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Investor, Impact Leader & Co-Founder of the Malala Fund and Our Place

Richard Quest
(1 rating)

Renowned CNN Business Correspondent

Bob Woodward
(4 ratings)

Legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist, Best-Selling Author & Associate Editor at The Washington Post

Dambisa Moyo

Global Economist, Author & Investor in the Future

Raj Patel
(2 ratings)

Award-Winning Writer, Food Politics Activist, Filmmaker & Academic

Michael Steele

Conservative Political Commentator & Former Republican Party Politician

Todd Buchholz

Former White House Director of Economic Policy & Managing Director of the $15 Billion Tiger Hedge Fund

Ian Bremmer

President of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media; Political Scientist, Author, Entrepreneur & Lecturer

Carl Bernstein
(2 ratings)

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Author & Political Analyst

Fawzia Koofi

Afghan Politician & Women's Rights Activist; Member of Parliament; Vice President of the National Assembly

Anderson Cooper

Journalist, TV Personality, Anchor of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°"

Jason Schenker
(3 ratings)

Top-Ranked Economist, Best-Selling Author, President of Prestige Economics & Chairman of The Futurist Institute

Jamie Metzl

Technology & Healthcare Futurist; Sci-Fi Novelist; Geopolitical Expert

Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & Founder of Grameen Bank; Internationally Recognized for Work in Poverty Alleviation

Ben Stein
(1 rating)

Political Economist, Commentator, Author & Actor

Andrea Mitchell

Award-Winning Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent at NBC & Host of "Andrea Mitchell Reports"

Sarah O. Ladislaw

Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

John Sawers

Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6)

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