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Trust AAE Speakers Bureau for Booking Top Professional Speakers. Find a Keynote Speaker Today.

Chemistry Speakers

Elements of Success: Chemical Wonders Unveiled from Distinguished Chemistry Icons

List of Chemistry Speakers

Take a molecular journey with our chemistry keynote speakers; an extraordinary collection of chemists, researchers, and innovators at the forefront of unraveling the secrets of matter and reactions. These speakers bring a dynamic blend of scientific expertise, cutting-edge research, and a passion for the transformative power of chemistry. Delve into discussions on chemical breakthroughs, materials science, and the pivotal role of chemistry in shaping our technological landscape.

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Cady Coleman
(2 ratings)

Former NASA Astronaut; Retired U.S. Air Force Officer & Chemist

Mark Lynas
(1 rating)

Environmental Writer; Author of "Our Final Warning: Six Degrees of Climate Emergency"

Dr. Inge Auerbacher
(1 rating)

Holocaust Survivor, Chemist & Author

Natalie Jeremijenko

Artist and engineer, studies in biochemistry, physics, neuroscience and precision engineering

Jennifer Wilcox

Presidential Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania

Ashanti Johnson
(2 ratings)

Geochemist & Chemical Oceanographer; Diversity & Women in STEM Advocate

Dr. Marc Milstein
(1 rating)

Scientist, Researcher, and Professional Speaker on Health and Wellness

David Moinina Sengeh

Minister Of Basic and Senior Secondary Education & Chief Innovation Officer for the Government of Sierra Leone

Robert Langer

David H. Koch Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Donald Sadoway

John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry at MIT; Expert on Electrochemistry & Renewable Energy

Jonathan Trent

Former Director of Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae; Founder of UpCycle Systems

Marshall Summar

Director, Rare Disease Institute, Children's National Medical Center

Joseph Desimone

Co-Founder & CEO of Carbon; Chancellor's Eminent Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lauren Lyons

Spacecraft & Launch Vehicle Systems Engineer, Corporate Operations Consultant, Startup Advisor, and Science Communicator