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Antoni Porowski
(1 rating)

Chef, Model & TV Personality Known for Netflix's "Queer Eye"

Jenn Lim
(5 ratings)

CEO & Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness

Nataly Kogan

Happiness Expert, Venture Capitalist & Successful Tech Entrepreneur; Co-Founder of Happier

Paul Osincup

Top Leadership Keynote Speaker, Positive Workplace Strategist

Sunny Grosso

Happiness Coach & Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness

Silvia Garcia

Founder and CEO of Happiest Places to Work

Robert J. Waldinger

Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst & Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development

David Romanelli

Health and Wellness Expert & Bestselling Author of "Happy is the New Healthy"

Bert Jacobs
(1 rating)

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Optimist of Life is Good

Meik Wiking

CEO of The Happiness Research Institute

Gaur Gopal Das

Personal Coach, Monk, Lifestyle & Motivational Strategist

Dr. Fred Luskin
(1 rating)

Expert on Health and Happiness & Author of "Forgive for Good"

Britney Harris

Entrepreneur, Founder; The Unfulfilled Millennial, Millennial Motivator

Carlos Piera Serra

Lead Coach & Global Happiness Navigator at Delivering Happiness

Michael C. Bush

CEO of Great Place to Work; Entrepreneur, Investor, Teacher, Author, Media Commentator

Kati Morton
(2 ratings)

Mental Health Activist, Marriage & Family Therapist

Pelin Kesebir

Scientist at Center for Healthy Minds, Specialist in the Psychology of Happiness

Richie Crowley

Wellness Activist, Mental Health Advocate, Entrepreneur & Athletic Artist; Creative Projects Manager, RICKiRICKi