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Gitanjali Rao

Inventor & 2017 Young Scientist Challenge Winner, Recipient of the United States Environmental Protection Agency President’s Environmental Youth Award

Jamira Burley
(1 rating)

Head of Youth Engagement & Skills for the Global Business Coalition for Education; Social Justice Advocate; Youth Engagement & Education Reform Expert

Ray Kurzweil
(5 ratings)

Chairman of Kurzweil Technologies; Inventor; Futurist

Pablos Holman
(1 rating)

Technology Futurist, Inventor, World-Renowned Hacker & Viral TED Speaker

Adam Back
(1 rating)

Cryptographer & Crypto-hacker; Co-founder & CEO of Blockstream

David Wolf

Astronaut, Medical Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Inventor & Aerobatic Pilot

Kevin Harrington
(1 rating)

Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on ABC’S "Shark Tank" & Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Organization

Rodney Mullen
(1 rating)

Professional Skateboarder; Known as “Godfather of Modern Street Skating”

Dean Kamen

Inventor and Entrepreneur; President, DEKA Research & Development Corporation

Brewster Kahle
(1 rating)

Founder & Director, The Internet Archive; Inventor, Philanthropist, Digital Librarian & Internet Advocate & Entrepreneur

Jack Andraka

Inventor, Scientist, Cancer Researcher & National Geographic Emerging Explorer

Boyan Slat

Inventor, Entrepreneur & Founder of The Ocean Cleanup

Ashton Cofer

Youth Inventor & Scientist; Winner of the 2016 Google Science Fair's Innovator Award

Shiva Ayyadurai

Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, & Author of "The Email Revolution"

Joy Mangano

Inventor, Entrepreneur, HSN Personality; Inspiration for the Film, "Joy," Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Jeffrey Kluger

Journalist; Editor and Writer at TIME MAGAZINE. Author of 8 books, including APOLLO 13.

Freeman Hrabowski

President of the University of Maryland; Advocate for STEM Education for African Americans