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David Epstein

Investigative Reporter & Best-Selling Author of "The Sports Gene" & "Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World"

Dr. Michio Kaku
(4 ratings)

World-Renowned Futurist & Theoretical Physicist

Dan Patrick

Host of the Nationally Syndicated "Dan Patrick Show"

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK & Expert in Digital Technology in Advertising

LZ Granderson

CNN & ESPN Columnist; Celebrated Voice on Sports, Race & Gay Rights

Theo Epstein

Former President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs; Former Youngest Manager in the History of MLB

Jemele Hill

Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Senior Correspondent & Columnist for The Undefeated

Annie Duke

Author, Decision Strategist & Former Professional Poker Player

Nicholas Carr

Writer on the Intersection of Technology, Economics & Culture; Author "The Shallows" & "The Glass Cage"

Dr. John Gray

Author of Bestseller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Carl Pope

Senior Adviser to UN Envoy for Cities and Climate; Former CEO and Chairman of the Sierra Club

Dan Shaughnessy

Member of the Boston Globe staff; nationally recognized sports writer; Written 12 books

Mary Roach

TED Speaker & Author Known for "Packing For Mars"

Scott Jurek

Ultramarathon Champion and Bestselling Author of "Eat & Run"

Matt Bai

Nationally Known Journalist, Author & Screenwriter; Political Thought Leader

Guillermo del Toro

Academy Award Winning Filmmaker & Author; Best Known for "Shape Of Water," "Pacific Rim," Pan's Labyrinth," and "Hellboy"