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Linguistics Speakers

Words and Worlds: Wisdom Shared by Linguistics Experts

List of Linguistics Speakers

This list of linguistic speakers features an extraordinary gathering of language scholars, researchers, and polyglots who illuminate the intricate tapestry of human communication. These speakers bring a diverse blend of linguistic expertise, exploring the nuances of language acquisition, cultural influences, and the evolution of communication. Delve into discussions on phonetics, syntax, and the fascinating diversity of languages spoken around the world.

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Scott Rouse
(1 rating)

Behavior Analyst & Body Language Expert

Archie Crowley

Sociolinguist & Professor of English at Elon University; Trans Rights Activist

Adam Wooten

Associate Professor of Translation & Localization Management at MIIS; L10n Consultant

Poet Ali
(1 rating)

Communications Expert, Catalyst Human Connection, Soulosopher & Founder of The Poet Society

William Martinez

Disability Advocate, Creator of "Signing the Song"

Jeff Zwiers
(1 rating)

Senior Researcher at Stanford University, English Literacy Expert & Teacher

Sally Shaywitz

Professor of Pediatric Neurology at Yale University, Neuroscientist & Author of "Overcoming Dyslexia"

Patrick Renvoise
(3 ratings)

International Neuromarketing Expert; C-Level Coach; Author of "Neuromarketing" & "The Persuasion Code"

Denise Herzing

Research Director & Founder of the Wild Dolphin Project; Author of "Dolphin Diaries"

John McWhorter

Political Commentator, Linguist & Professor at Columbia University

Megan Clancy

Deaf Actress, Journalist, Writer & Scientist

Elisabeth Wehling

Cognitive Scientist, Author & Political Strategist

Adam Spencer

Sydney Drive-Time Radio Talk Show Host on Tech and Science

Cameron Morin

TED Speaker, University of Paris PhD Researcher on Linguistics

Nataly Kelly

Co-author of "Found in Translation" and VP of Market Development with Smartling, Inc.

George Lakoff

Linguistics Expert, Author, Moral Politics, The Political Mind, Don't Think of An Elephant!

Sarah Brosnan

Primatologist; Professor of Psychology, Philosophy & Neuroscience at Georgia State University