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Nuala O'Connor

President & CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology

Brewster Kahle
(1 rating)

Founder & Director, The Internet Archive; Inventor, Philanthropist, Digital Librarian & Internet Advocate & Entrepreneur

Nicole Yeary

Founder & CEO of Ms.Tech, A Company That Aims to Support Women Starting and Scaling Businesses

R "Ray" Wang
(5 ratings)

Founder, Chairman & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research; Author of "Disrupting Digital Business"

Chuck Martin

CEO of Net Future Institute, Futurist & IoT MediaPost Editor/Columnist

Dag Kittlaus

CEO and Co-Founder of Viv Labs, Vice President of Samsung, former CEO and Co-Founder of Siri

Joe Ruffini

Anti-Terrorism, Information Security & Risk Minimization Expert

Christi Tasker

Social Media Branding Queen and Keynote Speaker

Herbert "Hugh" Thompson

CTO of Symantec; Program Committee Chairman of RSA Conference

Rod Beckstrom

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Cybersecurity Expert & Authority on Organizational Leadership

Charlie Miller

American Computer Security Researcher with Didi Research

Safiya Noble
(4 ratings)

Associate Professor at UCLA, Researcher on Race, Gender, Technology & Design

James Veitch
(1 rating)

Comedian, Writer, Director, Producer & Tech Influencer

Justin Baldoni

Actor, Entrepreneur, CEO of Wayfarer Entertainment & Author of "Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity"

Jamilah Lemieux
(1 rating)

Writer, Cultural Critic, Columnist at Slate, Co-Host of "Mom & Dad Are Fighting" Podcast

Kristie Kennedy

Women's Worth & Wellness Expert, TEDx Audacious Leadership Transformational Speaker