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Navy Speakers

Leadership Beyond the Horizon: Stories from the Sea from Motivational Navy SEALs

List of Navy Speakers

These Navy SEAL motivational speakers bring their exceptional leadership skills, unwavering determination, and indomitable spirit obtained in the military to the speaking stage, captivating audiences with their incredible stories of resilience and triumph. With firsthand experiences from the world of Special Operations, these Navy SEAL speakers offer unique insights into teamwork, mental toughness, overcoming adversity, and achieving extraordinary goals. Whether you are organizing a corporate event, a leadership conference, or a team-building workshop, these inspirational veteran speakers excel at igniting passion, instilling a winning mindset, and empowering your audience to reach new levels of peak performance.

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Ty Smith

Retired Navy SEAL, CEO & Founder of CommSafe AI

Rob Scheer
(3 ratings)

Founder of Comfort Cases & Foster Care Advocate

Brent Gleeson
(5 ratings)

CEO of TakingPoint Leadership, Navy SEAL Combat Veteran & Best-Selling Author

Ed Hiner
(1 rating)

Retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Bestselling Author & Leadership Expert

Brad Snyder
(1 rating)

Two-Time Paralympic Gold Medalist Swimmer & Navy Veteran

Rob O'Neill
(3 ratings)

Former SEAL Team Six Leader, Naval Special Warfare Development Group & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Rorke Denver
(2 ratings)

Navy SEAL Commander & Best-Selling Author

Robert Curbeam

Former NASA Astronaut & Retired Captain in the U.S. Navy; Record Holder for Most Spacewalks During a Single Spaceflight

William Wagasy
(1 rating)

Former Navy SEAL; Vice President at National Sales & National Commercial Services at Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company

Marcus Luttrell
(1 rating)

Decorated Navy SEAL & Bestselling Author of "Lone Survivor"

Mark Owen
(1 rating)

Former Navy SEAL; Author of "No Easy Day" & "No Hero"; Executive Producer on Paramount Plus's "SEAL Team"

Michael E. Thornton

Retired United States Navy SEAL; Medal of Honor Recipient; Founder & President of the METFUND

Heath Phillips
(1 rating)

US Navy Veteran, Sexual Assault Victim Advocate & Domestic Abuse Survivor

Will Chesney

Author of "No Ordinary Dog: My Partner from the SEAL Teams to the Bin Laden Raid"

Stephen Drum
(1 rating)

Retired Navy SEAL Master Chief & Co-Creator of the Navy’s Warrior Toughness Program

Marty Strong
(1 rating)

Retired Navy SEAL; CEO, Author; Leadership & Motivational Speaker

Patrick Dossett

Co-Founder of Madefor & Former Navy SEAL; Author of "The Madefor Method" & Host of the "Basecamp with Pat Dossett" Podcast

Chadd Wright
(1 rating)

Ultrarunner, Former Navy SEAL & Entrepreneur

Mike Hayes

Managing Director of Insight Partners; Former Director of Defense Policy & Strategy at the National Security Council; Former Navy SEAL & Author of "Never Enough"