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Dr. Paul Davies
(1 rating)

Director of BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science; Physicist, Cosmologist & Astrobiologist

Sean Gourley

Physicist and Founder & CEO of Primer

Max Tegmark
(1 rating)

Cosmic Explorer & MIT Professor of Physics

Adam G. Riess
(1 rating)

Nobel Prize-Winning Astrophysicist

Wilton Virgo

Harvard-MIT Scientist, TED Educator, STEM Speaker, On-Camera Host & Data Science Consultant

George Smoot

Nobel Prize Winning Astrophysicist & Cosmologist

Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
(1 rating)

Prominent Radio Astronomer, Director of the Murchison Widefield Array Radio Telescope

Bobak Ferdowsi

NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs Flight Director; Curiosity Rover Landing

Katie Bouman

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology; Known for the First Visualization of a Black Hole

John Holdren

Professor of Environmental Policy & Director of the Program on Science, Technology, and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Ben Goertzel

CEO of AI Software Company Novamente LLC and Bioinformatics Company Biomind LLC, Chief Scientist at Hanson Robotics, Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society

Carl Wieman
(2 ratings)

Physicist and Educationist at Stanford University and Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics

Peter Galison

Joseph Pellegrino University Professor in History of Science and Physics at Harvard University