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In the endless pursuit of knowledge, people often use philosophy to try to understand themselves and the world around them. Whether it's in the classroom, the workplace, politics, or society, philosophy has been practiced for hundreds of years in many different cultures. The philosophers, teachers, psychologists, and bestselling authors in this category explore ethics, business, religion, education, science, and more through a philosophical lens to answer some of today's most pressing questions. As life-long learners, these culture experts and university speakers can inspire thoughtful discussions with their audience.

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Ray Kurzweil
(5 ratings)

Chairman of Kurzweil Technologies, Inventor & Futurist

Amy Goodman

Host & Executive Producer, Democracy Now!

Peter Thiel

Former CEO and Co-founder of PayPal; Technology Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist

Dr. Michio Kaku
(4 ratings)

World-Renowned Futurist & Theoretical Physicist

Penn Jillette

Magician, Actor, Musician, Inventor, Television Personality & Best-Selling Author

Guillermo del Toro

Academy Award Winning Filmmaker & Author; Best Known for "Shape Of Water," "Pacific Rim," Pan's Labyrinth," and "Hellboy"

Dr. Cornel West
(4 ratings)

Philosopher, Professor, Political Activist, Author of "Race Matters"

Ishmael Beah

Storyteller from Sierra Leone, Activist & Author Known for "A Long Way Gone"

Adam Bly

Ex-VP of Data at Spotify; Founder of Seed; Founder of an AI startup, Stealth

Carl Pope

Senior Adviser to UN Envoy for Cities and Climate; Former CEO and Chairman of the Sierra Club

Raj Patel
(2 ratings)

Award-Winning Writer, Activist & Academic

John Legend

EGOT Winning Musician, Producer & Philantropist

Aubrey de Grey

Biomedical Gerontologist; Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation; Researcher on Preventing Aging

Marshall Goldsmith
(1 rating)

Executive Educator & Coach; Best-Selling Author of "What Got You Here Won’t Get You There"

Annie Duke

Author, Decision Strategist & Former Professional Poker Player

Gloria Allred

Renowned Women's Rights Attorney; Subject of Netflix Documentary "Seeing Allred"

Reihan Salam

President of the Manhattan Group for Policy Research; Former Executive Editor of National Review

Peter Rojas

Co-founder of Gizmodo and of Engadget