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Max Tegmark
(1 rating)

Cosmic Explorer & MIT Professor of Physics

Tundi Agardy

Marine Conservationist & Founder of "Sound Seas," Research and Policy Project to Help Protect the Oceans and Ocean Life

Arie Kapteyn

Professor of Economics & Executive Director of the USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Author of "How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain" & Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University

Alyssa Carson
(3 ratings)

Youngest Ever Astronaut in Training; Space Travel Enthusiast

Louis-Philippe Loncke

European Adventurer 2016, Explorer, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant

David Gallo
(1 rating)

Director of Special Projects, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dianne McGrath

Researcher, Consultant & Mars One Astronaut Candidate

Tara Ruttley

Aquanaut & Associate Chief Scientist for Microgravity Research at NASA Headquarters

Richard J. Davidson

Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Marla Spivak

Entomologist; Focused on Practical Applications to Protect Honey Bee Populations

Andrés Ruzo

Geologist; Geothermal Researcher; Founder & Director of the “Boiling River Project"

Jason De León

Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan.

Jonathan Trent

Former Director of Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae; Founder of UpCycle Systems

Kim Gorgens

Neuropsychologist Who Studies Injured Brains, Aging Brains & The Brains of Criminals

Fahmi Quadir

Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Safkhet Capital

Hannah Fry

Complexity Theorist & Author of "The Mathematics of Love"

Dario Gil

Senior Vice President & Director of IBM Research at IBM