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Research & Exploration Speakers

Exploring New Frontiers: Journeys of Discovery Shared by Research Experts

List of Researcher And Exploration Speakers

Embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and discovery with our researcher & exploration keynote speakers. These adventurers are an extraordinary assembly of trailblazing researchers, explorers, and thought leaders dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. These speakers bring a wealth of expertise, sharing insights into groundbreaking research across diverse fields and the adventures of exploration that expand the horizons of our understanding. Delve into discussions on scientific breakthroughs, field expeditions, and the transformative impact of exploration on our collective knowledge. Whether you're a research enthusiast, an aspiring explorer, or simply curious about the frontiers of human understanding, these researcher experts offer an illuminating journey into the realms of discovery and the boundless possibilities that emerge from the pursuit of knowledge.

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Arie Kapteyn

Professor of Economics & Executive Director of the USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research

Tundi Agardy

Marine Conservationist & Founder of "Sound Seas," Research and Policy Project to Help Protect the Oceans and Ocean Life

Rafael Hostettler

Project Lead For Roboy; Engineer & Robotics Expert

Dianne McGrath

Researcher, Consultant & Sustainability Leader; Formerly a Mars One Astronaut Candidate & Currently Circumnavigating the Planet

Alyssa Carson
(3 ratings)

Youngest Ever Astronaut in Training; Space Travel Enthusiast

Lisa Feldman Barrett
(1 rating)

Author of "How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain" & Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University

Cassie De Pecol

2x Guinness World Record Holder, Historical Record Breaker, Ironman Finisher, Non-Profit Founder, Brand Ambassador, App Owner & Author

Tara Ruttley
(1 rating)

Chief Scientist at Blue Origin; Former NASA Scientist & Aquanaut

Chris Nicola

Explorer and Author of "The Secret of Priest's Grotto: A Holocaust Survival Story"

Kathy Giusti

Founder of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Founding Co-Chair of the HBS Precision Medicine Accelerator; Author of "Fatal to Fearless: 12 Steps to Beating Cancer in a Broken Medical System"

Chris Gerdes
(1 rating)

Director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford

Marla Spivak

Entomologist; Focused on Practical Applications to Protect Honey Bee Populations

Hannah Fry
(1 rating)

Complexity Theorist & Author of "The Mathematics of Love"

David Moinina Sengeh

Minister Of Basic and Senior Secondary Education & Chief Innovation Officer for the Government of Sierra Leone

Andrés Ruzo

Geothermal Scientist & Amazon Conservationist

Kim Gorgens

Neuropsychologist; Professor at University of Denver

Bill Stone

Robotics Engineer; Expedition Leader; CEO of Stone Aerospace; Expert in Cave Exploration & Innovative Diving Technology