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Human Resources

In charge of recruitment, interviewing, and hiring to ensure a motivating and positive company culture, human resources professionals are strategic thinkers and great communicators. The best HR leaders listen to employee concerns and help teams reach their full potential through training and executive coaching. These top human resources speakers are business leaders who have earned their stripes with excellent strategic planning, interpersonal skills, and techniques to improve business operations and efficiency.

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Kris Boesch

Founder & CEO of Choose People, Author of "Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace"

Chester Elton
(2 ratings)

#1 Bestselling Business Author, Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement & Teamwork Expert

Adrian Gostick
(1 rating)

Founder of The Culture Works & Bestselling Author of "Leading with Gratitude"

Stan Phelps

IBM Futurist, Workshop Facilitator & Author

Katrina Jones
(5 ratings)

Diversity & Inclusion Leader at Amazon Web Services

Chip Conley
(5 ratings)

Strategic Advisor for Hospitality & Leadership at Airbnb; Founder of the Modern Elder Academy

Rolfe Carawan

President of LifeMatters International; Accountability & Leadership Performance Speaker

Bill Sinunu

Author & Keynote Speaker on Being a Multicultural "Citizen Of The World"

Shawn Achor
(4 ratings)

Harvard Professor, Researcher, Positive Psychology Expert, Author of "The Happiness Advantage" & "Big Potential"

Patrick Lencioni

Management Consultant, Founder & President of The Table Group

Mike Abrashoff
(2 ratings)

Former Commander of USS Benfold & Author of "It's Your Ship"

Tim Sanders

Bestselling Author, Technology Pioneer, Expert on Collaboration & Relationships

Ian Siegel
(1 rating)

Co-Founder & CEO of

Simon T. Bailey

Speaker, Author, Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Craig Robinson

Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for NBCUniversal

Jacob Morgan
(11 ratings)

Business Futurist & Bestselling Author of "The Future of Work"