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Neurodiversity Speakers

Diverse Minds Embracing Differences: Empowering Messages from Neurodiversity Experts
List of Neurodiversity Speakers

Neurodiversity celebrates all the differences in the human brain that affect learning, sociability, and other mental functions. These differences are viewed as natural variations of the brain rather than deficits, and neurodiversity advocates aim to promote better knowledge and understanding of different ways of thinking and interacting with the world. The neurodiverse speakers in this category dismantle stigma and ableism around conditions like ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and other mental health topics. As business leaders, educators, self-advocates, and psychologists, the mental health and diversity speakers in this list are creating better spaces for neurodiverse people in schools and in the workplace.

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Dan Marino

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Business Owner & Founder of the Dan Marino Foundation for Improving The Lives of Those on the Autism Spectrum

Temple Grandin
(8 ratings)

World-Famous Animal Scientist, Autism Self-Advocate & Author of "Thinking in Pictures: My Life With Autism"

Doug Flutie
(1 rating)

Former NFL Quarterback & College Football Analyst; Advocate for Autism Awareness

Joshua Perry

Former Linebacker for Ohio State and the San Diego Chargers & CEO of the Joshua Perry Family Foundation

Rodney Peete

Former NFL Quarterback, Broadcaster & Autism Advocate

Patricia Polacco

Award-Winning Children's Author & Illustrator; Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities Advocate

Eduardo BriceƱo
(25 ratings)

Founder & Former CEO at Wiring Growth, Facilitating a Growth Mindset

Jon Bergmann

Pioneer of the Flipped Class Movement & Bestselling Author of "Flip Your Classroom"; Member of the TED-Education Advisory Board

Amy Wright

CNN Hero of the Year 2017; Owner of Bitty & Beau's Coffee

Amy Purdy

Former "Dancing with the Stars" Contestant & Paralympic Professional Snowboarder

Chaz Bono

Transgender, LGBTQ Rights Advocate, Author, Speaker

Ty Pennington
(1 rating)

Television Personality, Home Makeover Guru & Author

Shawn Harper
(2 ratings)

Former NFL Football Player, Successful Businessman & Life Coach

Ed Begley Jr.
(1 rating)

Environmental Activist & Emmy Award-Nominated Actor

Andre Agassi
(2 ratings)

Retired World No. 1 Tennis Player & International Tennis Hall of Famer; Olympic Gold Medalist, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Faith Jegede Cole

Writer, Researcher & Blogger; Autism Sister/Advocate

Allison Williams

Actress, Comedienne and Musician; Stars on HBO's "Girls"

Debbie Phelps
(1 rating)

Author & Mother of Olympic Icon Michael Phelps