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As science and technology continues to push us to newer and greater heights in fields like medicine, business and media, these futurist speakers are leading figures in emerging internet technology, big data, blockchains, social media and healthcare, among others. From research scientists and tech savvy business leaders to STEM education advocates and climate change activists, these inspiring technology speakers are always striving for innovation, disruptive thinking and betterment of the world.

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R "Ray" Wang
(5 ratings)

Founder, Chairman & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research; Author of "Disrupting Digital Business"

Jon Steinberg
(2 ratings)

Founder & CEO of Cheddar; Former President and COO of Buzzfeed; Former CEO of Daily in North America

Majora Carter

Real Estate Developer, Peabody Award-Winning Broadcaster & Urban Revitalization Strategy Consultant

Brian Solis

Digital Analyst, Futurist & Author of "What's the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences"

James Canton

Futurist, Author & Visionary Business Advisor

Amin Toufani

Director of Strategy at Singularity University

Ray Kurzweil
(5 ratings)

Chairman of Kurzweil Technologies; Inventor; Futurist

Michael Rogers

MSNBC's 'The Practical Futurist' & Technology Expert

Nuala O'Connor

President & CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology

Peter Thiel

Former CEO and Co-founder of PayPal; Technology Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist

Maurice Conti

Chief Innovation Officer at Alpha; Former Director, Strategic Innovation at Autodesk

Garrett Reisman

Astronaut Garrett Reisman, PhD., Professor of Astronautical Engineering at USC and Senior Advisor at SpaceX

Van Jones
(4 ratings)

CNN Political Contributor; Author; Human Rights, Education & Clean Energy Advocate

Dr. Paul Davies
(1 rating)

Director of BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science; Physicist, Cosmologist & Astrobiologist