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Trust AAE Speakers Bureau for Booking Top Professional Speakers. Find a Keynote Speaker Today.

Security & Defense Speakers

Defending Perspectives: Top Defense Experts & US Guardians Sharing Wisdom & Personal Stories

List of Security And Defense Speakers

Step into a realm of strategic insight with our distinguished Keynote Speakers in the arena of Security and Defense. These protective experts feature an assembly of military leaders, defense experts, and strategic thinkers dedicated to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of global security. Explore the complexities of cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and diplomatic intricacies shaping international stability as these experts share profound insights. Whether you're a seasoned defense professional seeking the latest perspectives or a curious citizen eager to understand the dynamics of global security, our Security and Defense Keynote Speakers offer an illuminating journey into the vital efforts that safeguard nations and promote peace worldwide.

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Mark Hertling
(4 ratings)

National Security & Military Analyst for CNN, Retired US Army 3-star General, Leadership Expert

Christopher Strom

Former US Marine, Retired Sergeant in the NYPD Intelligence Division & Author of "Brooklyn to Baghdad: An NYPD Intelligence Cop Fights Terror In Iraq"

Andrew Bringuel II

Former FBI Agent Supervisor, Instructor & Researcher at the FBI Academy’s Behavioral Science Unit

Ty Smith

Retired Navy SEAL, CEO & Founder of CommSafe AI

Ashley Stahl

Author, Career Coach & Host of "You Turn" Podcast

Michael Kanaan
(1 rating)

Author of "T-Minus AI" and Former Chairperson of Artificial Intelligence for the United States Air Force

Jason Schenker
(3 ratings)

Top-Ranked Economist, Bestselling Author, President of Prestige Economics & Chairman of The Futurist Institute

Ben Wizner

Legal Advisor to NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden; Director of the ACLU's Speech, Privacy & Technology Project

Amin Toufani

CEO of T Labs, Creator of, Chair for Finance & Economics at Singularity University

Robert Muggah

Specialist in Smart and Green Cities, Geopolitics, Public Safety, and Cybersecurity; Co-Founder of Social Policy Think Tank Igarapé Institute & The SecDev Group

Dr. Eric Cole

Technology Visionary, Author, Security Expert, Founder & CEO of Secure Anchor

Alaa Murabit
(1 rating)

Architect of the Sustainable Development Goals, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Gates Foundation Director & UN High level Commissioner

Rob O'Neill
(3 ratings)

Former SEAL Team Six Leader, Naval Special Warfare Development Group & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Apollo Robbins

Sleight-of-Hand Artist and Self-Described Gentleman Thief & Deception Specialist

Craig Fugate
(3 ratings)

Former Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Anthony "AB" Bourke

Former F-16 Fighter Pilot & Founder, Mach 2 Consulting

Trita Parsi
(1 rating)

President of the National Iranian American Council & Author of Several Award-Winning Books on US Foreign Policy

Carey Lohrenz
(16 ratings)

First Female F-14 Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, Team-Building, Leadership & Strategy Expert

Joe Ruffini

Anti-Terrorism, Information Security & Risk Minimization Expert

Aaron David Miller

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace