Conservation Speakers

Conservation Speakers

Wildlife and nature conservation strives to protect earth's natural resources, maintain the diversity of animal species, and lessen our negative impact on the environment. Covering topics from clean energy and sustainable agriculture to combatting habitat destruction and pollution, the environmental activists in this category are leading voices in conservation and preservation efforts across the globe. These top-rated conservation speakers, scientists, celebrities, and philanthropists are educational and inspiring additions to any event that aims to promote a positive environmental impact.

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Tensie Whelan
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Director of NYU's Center for Sustainable Business; Former President of the Rainforest Alliance

Dr. Jane Goodall

Internationally Renowned Primatologist, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Tundi Agardy

Marine Conservationist & Founder of "Sound Seas," Research and Policy Project to Help Protect the Oceans and Ocean Life

Howard G. Buffett

Businessman, Philanthropist & Elder Son of Warren Buffet

Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington

Chief Environmental Research Scientist at Environmental Health Research Associates, LLC.

Louie Psihoyos

Photographer & Documentary Film Director Known for the Academy Award-Winning Documentary "The Cove"

Brian Skerry

National Geographic Magazine Photographer, Specializing in Marine Wildlife & the Underwater World; Exploration & Conservation Speaker

John Izzo, PhD

Leadership Expert & Bestselling Author

Ed Begley Jr.

Environmental Activist & Emmy Award-Nominated Actor

Braam Malherbe

Extreme Adventurer, Conservationist, Youth Developer & Author

David Doubilet

National Geographic Photographer & Founding Member of the International League of Conservation Photographers

Mark Tercek

Former President & CEO of The Nature Conservancy

Kartik Chandran

Environmental Engineer & Associate Professor at Columbia University

Wade Boggs

National Baseball Hall of Famer, 12-Time MLB All-Star & World Series Champion; Wildlife Conservation Activist

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Marine Biologist, Conservation Strategist, Founder & CEO of Ocean Collectiv

M. Sanjayan

Executive Vice President & Senior Scientist at Conservation International

Ashton Cofer

Youth Inventor & Scientist; Winner of the 2016 Google Science Fair's Innovator Award

Andrés Ruzo

Geologist; Geothermal Researcher; Founder & Director of the “Boiling River Project"