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Jordan P. Evans

NASA Engineer; Key Leader of the Mars Science Lab Curiosity Rover Team; Space Robotics Futurist; STEM/STEAM Evangelist

Pablos Holman
(1 rating)

Technology Futurist, Inventor, World-Renowned Hacker & Viral TED Speaker

Michael Kanaan

Enterprise Lead of AI & ML for the United States Air Force

Maurice Conti

Chief Innovation Officer at Alpha; Former Director, Strategic Innovation at Autodesk

Pamela Meyer

Founder & CEO of Calibrate; Author of "Liespotting;" TED Speaker

Yang Lan

Co-Founder & Chairperson of the Sun Media Group & Sun Culture Foundation; Called the 'Oprah of China'

Carol Reiley
(1 rating)

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor & Active Advocate for Diversity and Bias in AI

Cynthia Breazeal

Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab

Dean Kamen

Founder of FIRST; President of DEKA Research & Development Corporation

Charlie Miller

American Computer Security Researcher with Didi Research

Alex Steffen

Author of "Carbon Zero: Imagining Cities That Can Save the Planet"

Karen Tse

Human Rights Defender & Social Entrepreneur; Founder of International Bridges of Justice

Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy

Professor of Computer Science, Author, AI Safety & Cybersecurity Researcher

Amber Case
(3 ratings)

Cyborg Anthropologist & Founder of Geoloqi, Inc.