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Robotics Speakers

Mechanical Marvels & Robotics Experts Share Insights on the Future of Automation
Innovative Speakers on AI & Robotics

The popular technology speakers, scientists, futurists, inventors, and roboticists in this category are leading experts in robot design, programming, engineering, ethics, and innovation. Robots are not only an incredible feat of computer science, engineering, and design, but also raise important philosophical questions about humanity, ethics, and our relationship with technology. From applications in health care, law enforcement, and manufacturing, to the new age of space exploration, these robotics keynote speakers can answer audiences' most pressing questions about emerging technology.

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Aaron Horowitz

Co-Founder & CEO of Sproutel; Creates Patient-Centered Healthcare Technology

Michael Kanaan
(1 rating)

Enterprise Lead of AI & ML for the United States Air Force

Noramay Cadena
(1 rating)

Managing Partner of Supply Change Capital & Founding Board Member of Latinx VC; Authority on Robotics & Agricultural Technology

Cady Coleman
(2 ratings)

Former NASA Astronaut; Retired U.S. Air Force Officer & Chemist

Jordan P. Evans
(1 rating)

NASA Engineer; Key Leader of the Mars Science Lab Curiosity Rover Team; Space Robotics Futurist; STEAM Evangelist

Maurice Conti

Deep Tech Authority, Futurist, Advisor & International Keynote Speaker

Andrew McAfee
(3 ratings)

Co-Founder & Co-Director of Initiative on the Digital Economy; Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management

Pablos Holman
(2 ratings)

World-renowned Hacker, Inventor, Viral TED Speaker, Problem Solver, Technology Futurist

Karen Tse

Human Rights Defender & Social Entrepreneur; Founder of International Bridges of Justice

Pamela Meyer

Founder & CEO of Calibrate; Author of "Liespotting;" TED Speaker

Yang Lan

Co-Founder & Chairperson of the Sun Media Group & Sun Culture Foundation; Called the 'Oprah of China'

Ray Kurzweil
(4 ratings)

Chairman of Kurzweil Technologies, Inventor & Futurist; Author of "How to Create a Mind"

Dr. Michio Kaku
(4 ratings)

World-Renowned Futurist & Theoretical Physicist

Carol Reiley
(2 ratings)

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor & Active Advocate for Diversity and Bias in AI

Marc Raibert

Founder of Boston Dynamics & Advanced Robotics Expert

Vivek Wadhwa

Entrepreneur, Emerging Technologies Expert, Academic & Celebrated Author

Nita Farahany

Futurist, Tech Ethicist & Duke University Law Professor; Expert in Cognitive Liberty & Author of "The Battle for Your Brain"

James McLurkin
(1 rating)

Roboticist, Inventor, Researcher & Teacher

Dean Kamen

Founder of FIRST; President of DEKA Research & Development Corporation