Trust AAE Speakers Bureau for Booking Top Professional Speakers. Find a Keynote Speaker Today.
Trust AAE Speakers Bureau for Booking Top Professional Speakers. Find a Keynote Speaker Today.


These leading keynote speakers are top experts in their fields, experienced in delighting audiences on a wide range of topics, including business, diversity, politics, and many more. Find speakers who are right for you and your event based on speaking topic, budget, location, and experience. Our agents are also available to assist by recommending the perfect keynote speaker for your next meeting or conference.
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Susan David
(1 rating)

CEO of Evidence Based Psychology & Author of "Emotional Agility"

Shawn Achor
(6 ratings)

Harvard Professor, Researcher, Positive Psychology Expert, Author of "The Happiness Advantage" & "Big Potential"

Lisa Feldman Barrett
(1 rating)

Author of "How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain" & Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University

Bruce D. Perry
(5 ratings)

Psychiatrist, Author & Senior Fellow of the ChildTrauma Academy

Wendy Suzuki

Professor of Neural Science and Psychology in The Center for Neural Science at New York University

Robin Stern

Co-Founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Licensed Psychoanalyst & Author of "The Gaslight Effect"

Montel Williams
(2 ratings)

Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host; Multiple Sclerosis Survivor; Health Equity & Veteran Advocate

Daniel Gilbert

Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University

B Janet Hibbs and Anthony Rostain

Experts on Student Mental Health, Family Relationships & Coauthors of "The Stressed Years of Their Lives"

Robert A. Emmons

World's Leading Scientific Expert on Gratitude & Professor of Psychology at the University of California

Dan Siegel
(1 rating)

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Neuropsychiatrist, Mindsight Educator & Interpersonal Neurobiologist

Kim Gorgens

Neuropsychologist; Professor at University of Denver

Audrey Watters

Journalist Specialized in Education Technology News and Analysis

Dixon Chibanda
(1 rating)

Psychiatrist & Director of the African Mental Health Initiative; Founder & CEO of Friendship Bench Zimbabwe

Dr. Inger Burnett-Zeigler

Psychologist & Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

Dr. Lloyd Minor

Scientist, Surgeon & Academic Leader & Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine

Cynthia Germanotta

Co-Founder of the Born This Way Foundation with Daughter Lady Gaga; WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Mental Health

Michelle Gielan
(5 ratings)

Former National CBS News Anchor Turned Positive Psychology Researcher; Bestselling Author of "Broadcasting Happiness"

Nataly Kogan

Happiness Expert, Venture Capitalist & Successful Tech Entrepreneur; Co-Founder of Happier