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Erin Gruwell
(2 ratings)

Founder & Executive Director of the Freedom Writers Foundation

Susan Stamberg

Nationally Renowned Broadcast Journalist & NPR Special Correspondent

Vanessa Ochs
(1 rating)

Author of "Inventing Jewish Ritual", Winner of 2007 National Jewish Book Award, Professor of Religious Studies at University of Virginia

Elon Gold

Comedian and Actor; Starred in FOX's "Stacked"

Mayim Bialik
(3 ratings)

Neuroscientist & Actress, Known For "The Big Bang Theory"

Asra Nomani

Journalist & Author, Women's Rights Activist

Deborah E. Lipstadt
(4 ratings)

Professor of Modern Jewish & Holocaust Studies at Emory University

Josh Peck
(8 ratings)

Actor & Social Media Influencer

Jessica Yellin
(1 rating)

Founder of #NewsNotNoise; Former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN

Kevin Pollak

Actor & Comedian known for "The Usual Suspects" and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

Judy Gold

Emmy Award-Winning Actress, Comedian & Producer; Jewish and LGBT Activist

Susannah Heschel

Professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College and AuthorKnown for "Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus"

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Popular Sex Therapist Known for "Sexually Speaking" a.k.a. "Dr. Ruth Show"; Author & Teacher at Columbia's Teachers College

Ben Stein
(1 rating)

Political Economist, Commentator, Author & Actor

Richard Lewis

Comedian and Actor; Known for his HBO Specials and "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Jenny Slate

Actress, Comedian, Author & Creator of the "Marcel the Shell" Short Films; Known for "Parks & Recreation," "Big Mouth," & "The Secret Life of Pets"