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Angela Davis
(6 ratings)

Feminist, Social Activist, Professor & Writer

Irin Carmon
(6 ratings)

Journalist, Senior Correspondent at New York Magazine & Co-Author of "Notorious RBG"

Dr. Cornel West
(4 ratings)

Philosopher, Professor, Political Activist, Author of "Race Matters"

Sally Kohn
(2 ratings)

Founder and CEO of Movement Vision Lab; Liberal Political Columnist, Commentator & Community Organizer

Winona LaDuke
(2 ratings)

Executive Director of Honor the Earth

Tipper Gore

Social Issues Advocate & Former Second Lady of the United States

Donna Brazile
(5 ratings)

Veteran Political Strategist, Bestselling Author, Former Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee & FOX News Contributor

Maura Tierney

Golden Globe Award-Winning Actress & Breast Cancer Survivor

Jessica Yellin
(1 rating)

Founder of #NewsNotNoise; Former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN

Joshua Malina
(1 rating)

Actor Known for his roles in "The West Wing" & "Scandal"

Star Jones

Former Co-Host of "The View", Social Justice & Heart Disease Advocate

Ed Rendell

Former Governor of Pennsylvania; NBC News Political Analyst & Author

Eleanor Clift

Author; Washington Correspondent & The Daily Beast Columnist; Former "The McLaughlin Group" Panelist

Alice Walker

Pulitzer Prize & National Book Award-Winning Author; Best Known for "The Color Purple"

Alfre Woodard

Emmy Award-Winning Actress; Human Rights Activist

Andrew Gillum

CNN Commentator; Former Mayor of Tallahassee; 2018 Democratic Nominee for Governor of Florida

Nikki Giovanni
(6 ratings)

Poet, Educator & Best-Selling Author

Spike Lee
(1 rating)

Academy Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Actor & Director; Best Known for "BlacKkKlansman" & "Malcolm X"