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Tara Houska
(1 rating)

Tribal Attorney, Indigenous Rights Activist & Founder of Not Your Mascots

Jessica Long
(4 ratings)

13x Paralympic Swimming Gold Medalist

Amanda Nguyen
(4 ratings)

2019 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee & CEO and Founder of Rise

Brian Krebs
(20 ratings)

Leading Cybercrime Journalist & New York Times Bestselling Author of "Spam Nation"

Marty Makary, M.D.
(1 rating)

Healthcare Futurist, Johns Hopkins Surgeon & Professor of Public Health

Dr. Joel Selanikio

Award-Winning Physician, Health & Technology Activist, CEO of Magpi & Founding Member of WHO’s Digital Health Roster of Experts

Debbie Phelps
(1 rating)

Author & Mother of Olympic Icon Michael Phelps

Thomas D. Jones, PhD

Former NASA Astronaut & Planetary Scientist; Author

Valerie B. Jarrett

Civic Leader, New York Times Best-Selling Author & Former Senior Advisor to President Obama

James Brown

Sportscaster, Known for CBS's "The NFL Today" and Showtime's "Inside the NFL"

Dominique Dawes

Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Gymnast, Former Co-Chair of President Obama's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Michael Eric Dyson
(1 rating)

MSNBC Political Analyst, Former Host of NPR's "The Michael Eric Dyson Show" & Best-Selling Author

Lenny Bernstein

Award Winning Journalist; Health & Medicine for the Washington Post

Amber Goodwin

Founding Director of the Community Justice Reform Coalition

Josh Sundquist

Author, Paralympian, Comedian & Motivational Speaker

Sara Carter

International Award-Winning Investigative Reporter & Fox News Contributor

Zainab Al-Suwaij

Executive Director of the American Islamic Congress

Neil Howe
(2 ratings)

President of Saeculum Research & LifeCourse Associates; Renowned Authority on Generations; Coined the Term "Millennial Generation"

Frank Luntz
(1 rating)

Political Pollster & Communication Expert