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AAE Named to Inc. Best Workplaces in 2022. Read more

Contemporary & Emerging Media Speakers

VR & AR Experts, Podcast Hosts, Game Designers, Social Media Influencers, and Metaverse Enthusiasts

Innovation in technology is growing more exponentially than ever before, and as our digital spaces evolve, so does the way we connect and interact with the world. Contemporary media, the channels and places where we digitally work, live, share, discover, and learn, are becoming more mainstream every day. In the United States, the average daily time spent with digital media such as podcasts, video games, and social media is over seven hours, and is projected to increase as technology and concepts like the metaverse continue to influence the future of work and entertainment. The metaverse, virtual environments where people interact with each other through virtual reality, augmented reality, and online gaming worlds, has particularly become a buzzword in technology, business, and even among casual internet fans in recent years. Whether it's reinventing social media, advancing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, innovating video games, or developing new online entertainment experiences, these emerging media speakers and technology futurists are at the forefront of a new world.

Popular Speakers on Modern & Emerging Media

Modern & Emerging Media Speakers