Kelly McDonald Biography

Kelly McDonald is considered one of the nation’s top experts in diversity & inclusion, leadership, marketing, the customer experience and consumer trends. She is the founder of McDonald Marketing, which has twice been named one of the “Top Ad Agencies in the U.S.” by Advertising Age magazine and ranked as one of the fastest-growing independently-owned companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine.

Her client experience includes brands such as Toyota, Chubb, NASA, Kimberly-Clark, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Miller-Coors, and Sherwin-Williams.

McDonald was named one of the “10 Most Booked Speakers in the U.S.” and ranked #1 on the list of “25 Hot Speakers” by Successful Meetings Magazine.

She has been featured on CNBC, in Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company, on and more.

She is the author of four bestselling books on diversity & inclusion, marketing, the customer experience and leadership.

Her latest, “It’s Time to Talk about Race at Work: Every Leader’s Guide to Making Progress on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” debuted as the #1 Bestselling Business Book in the U.S.

McDonald lives in Denver and when she’s not on the road speaking, she enjoys boxing (yes, boxing, not kickboxing) – and shopping for high heels.

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Kelly McDonald Videos

How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You
How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You
How to Market & Sell to People Not Like You
How to Market & Sell to People Not Like You
Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You - Kelly McDonald
Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You - Kelly McDonald

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Kelly McDonald Videos

How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You
How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You
How to Market & Sell to People Not Like You
How to Market & Sell to People Not Like You
Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You - Kelly McDonald
Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You - Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald Reviews

  • “Great lady, great information and great delivery! As an educational development person, I certainly couldn’t ask for more! As you can see from the evaluations, our participants gave you high marks again. You ‘WOWED EM’, Kelly!!!”
    Illinois Credit Union League - Jul 16 2021

  • “Our employees and managers have heard Kelly speak on many occasions and she is always welcomed enthusiastically. Her ability to interact with an audience and infuse them with knowledge and insight make her a popular choice over other speakers who simply lecture.”
    Subaru of America - Jul 16 2021

  • “Of all of the speakers I’ve ever booked, Kelly is the best… and I’ve been booking speakers since 1996. Definitely the highest-rated speaker I’ve had this year. She was phenomenal, both in terms of content and delivery. And she had substance relevant to our audience. Kelly really knows her stuff. She delivered more than I thought was humanly possible.”
    National Education Association (NEA) - Jul 16 2021

Kelly McDonald Speaking Topics

  • It’s Time to Talk About Race at Work: How to Make Progress on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Corporate America is not very diverse; we're a long way off from having equal representation of people of color in many organizations, especially in key executive and leadership positions. Many leaders want to create change, but don't know how. How do you know where your blind spots are that can create obstacles for diverse talent?

    And how do you address the issues and comments that come up when employees feel nervous, resentful or uncomfortable as you make headway on diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization?

    Your intentions may be sincere and heartfelt, but intentions aren't enough. If you don't know how you come across to others and you don't know how to build bridges, people can be offended, jobs can be lost, and lawsuits can be filed. This session (and the book) does not approach this from the standpoint of social activism, political ideology or an HR perspective. This is the roadmap for how businesspeople can successfully create a fair and equitable workplace, one that recognizes diverse talent and fosters productive and constructive conversations across different perspectives that make business better - for everyone.

    Not a bunch of theory, this session provides specific, actionable, no-cost tactics that you can implement immediately. When it comes to talking about race at work, attendees will move from “uncomfortable and unsure” to “confident and empowered”, using proven tools that get real results. And that’s language everyone values.

    This session will illuminate:

    • The well-intended things people say that are hurtful or offensive to others
    • The excuses people use to avoid doing anything about diversity
    • Why your diversity & inclusion efforts haven’t done the job

    You’ll learn:

    • How to talk about race in helpful and positive ways: do’s & don’ts
    • Answers to tough employee questions or racist remarks
    • Where to start when you don’t know where to start – an 8-step framework that will show you, step-by-step, how to become a more diverse and inclusive company, department or team.
    • How to effectively recruit, interview and support diverse candidates
    • How to build business relationships with people who are different from you
    • For leaders, how to set the example, reduce tokenism, and deal with naysayers and derailers. How to avoid “Launch & Abandon” with your diversity efforts.

  • How to Wow, Work With & Win Customers NOW

    Experience this IN-DEMAND topic! Global companies, associations and independent businesses are RAVING about the insights and no-cost, actionable takeaways in this info-packed session.


    Right now, your customers need you more than ever. But not in the usual way. What your customers want and expect from you now is radically different because we’ve changed the way we work in some fundamental ways. Now, more than ever, you must differentiate yourself and your company on the experience that your customers have, rather than simply the products and services you offer.

    You now have a unique opportunity to “wow” your customers, by demonstrating that you have their back and that you’re here to help and serve them as they navigate whatever is around the next corner.

    You can work with your customers in new ways by being “quietly helpful”. The work you do now, in this way, will position you for the WIN: how you, your company, brand, people and products will be seen long-term, not just when times are difficult or uncertain.

    In this session, you’ll learn new approaches and mindsets that will make you better, smarter, and more effective in serving your customers – and you’ll cement the bond for increased sales and loyalty.

    This session will cover:

    • How to address the concerns your customers have right NOW – and how you can tie those into exceptional sales and customer service

    • How to stay visible without spamming your customers

    • 5 low-cost, no-cost action items that you can apply immediately

    • What to do – and NOT do – when things go wrong

    • Consumer trends and insights to leverage to grow business now

  • How to Work With & Lead People Not Like You

    Diversity in the workforce is a hot topic. Many employers are under pressure to make sure their workforce and employee base is diverse, inclusive and representative of the customers they serve. The most progressive organizations value diversity because they realize that a diverse workforce has positive impact on the bottom line. Such a workforce doesn’t just lead to better decisions and solutions and innovation - it has been proven to grow business and profits. And a diverse workforce doesn’t just mean employees of different racial and ethnic backgrounds; it can also mean diversity of thought.

    There are numerous ways we can be “diverse”: A new mom is in a very different place than one who is an empty nester. Someone with a master’s degree is very different than someone who went to a vocational/technical college. Someone who is foreign-born is different than someone who is U.S. born. “People not like you” takes away the baggage that is often associated with the word diversity and frames the subject in a more relatable way. We are ALL dealing with people “not like us”. Sometimes that can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be.

    When working with people who are not like you, friction can arise. Different people may not see eye-to-eye on an issue. They may have vastly different approaches to work. Their communication styles may be very different. Their comfort in working with technology may be miles apart. Cultural backgrounds and norms can differ. Even men and women can see situations differently. How do you work alongside someone who may be quite different from you, respect those differences and be effective in your role?

    And what about leading a diverse team? Leaders face daily the challenges of inspiring, communicating and executing strategy with their teams. Now imagine the challenges of leading teams that may be incredibly diverse! How does one motivate and lead groups of people who come from different backgrounds? How do you do that when people are motivated by different values and view the world and work through different lenses?

    This session takes the topic of work and leadership to a new place – one that is getting more attention every day and will continue to do so.

    Learner Outcomes:

    • You’ll learn why diversity at work is important, but why it seems so hard to work with people not like you. And why that makes you NORMAL, not a bad person. You’ll learn why it often comes with stress, complex emotions and even fear for some people.

    • Specific tactics will be shared for how employees can succeed in today’s diverse workplace without losing their minds or becoming frustrated by approaches to work that may differ from theirs.

    • For those in leadership positions, or those who aspire to manage and lead others, three key steps to make a diverse team work more cohesively, more productively and enjoyably.

    • The four key words that will transform how you interact with your colleagues and associates in tough situations to get the best outcome. How to troubleshoot the complex issues and address the “derailers” and naysayers that lurk within every organization and threaten its success.


    If you could grow your business simply by marketing to your existing clients and raking in more referrals, making money would be a cakewalk. But to generate new revenue, you have to win over the customers and clients you’re not getting, but could be. Now, more than ever, it’s important to reach new prospects in different ways to grow your business. It’s imperative to form a connection with customers and prospects in order to earn their business. This is especially true in the highly competitive veterinary services industry. But how do you form a connection with someone who is completely different from you? Whether it’s gender, age, lifestage, race, ethnicity or even communication preferences, you need to be able to break through barriers to connect in a meaningful way, build trust and differentiate yourself from your competition. People spend money on what they care about. Show your customers and prospects how you fit into what they need and what they value, and they’ll show you the money. By recognizing people’s differences and just tweaking your product, message, approach or marketing efforts to reflect their values, you‘ll get the business.
    Understanding your customers’ values is how you will reach new customers’ hearts, minds, and, ultimately, their wallets. Using consumer insights and real-world examples from successful companies, retailers and other organizations, “How to Market, Sell to and Serve People Not Like You” shows you how to create a deep, values-based connection between you and your customers and prospects.

    You’ll learn:

    • Five low-cost / no cost things you can do right now to grow your business with new customers and increase customer satisfaction and retention
    • The do’s and don’ts of marketing to different customer segments and their values
    • The major macro trends that affect your business – and all of us – and how to leverage them for growth & customer satisfaction
    • How to communicate in a relevant manner to stand out from your competition
    • How to recover from a mistake that smooths things over EVERY TIME

  • Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

    Deliver a better experience, for every kind of “customer”.

    Your industry is going through tremendous change: technology is changing how business is done and what customers expect. More and more, businesses must differentiate themselves on the experience that customers have, in addition to the products and services offered.

    The way to stand apart from your competition and grow business is about offering a customer experience like no other.

    And don’t let the word “customer” limit your thinking. We all have customers – even if your customer is your boss. Whether the “customer” is external (customers and prospects) or internal (your associates, suppliers, your supervisor or your team), each of us is responsible for satisfying our customer constituencies.

    This fun and engaging, high content session will cover key methods of how companies, brands and products struggling to differentiate themselves in the “sea of sameness” can foster long-term loyalty and brand preference with exceptional and customized customer experiences.

    A "one-size fits all" approach to the customer experience is no longer viable. Using real world examples and best practices from successful organizations, you’ll learn how catering to customers’ differences can differentiate you from your competitors and give you the edge in a business that demands more from you than ever before.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    • Learn the three principles that ensure an exceptional customer experience
    • What to do – and NOT do – when things go wrong. The 5 words that customers want to hear and that work every time
    • Key customer values and insights that will help you market, sell and service your customers more effectively
    • 5 low-cost, no-cost action items that you can apply immediately


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