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Amin Toufani

CEO of T Labs, Creator of, Chair for Finance & Economics at Singularity University

Anthony McCarley

Successful Entrepreneur & Triple Crown Marathon Swimmer

Troy Hazard

Global President of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation

Dr. Kevin Freiberg
(4 ratings)

World-Wide Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Advisor

Tekedra Mawakana

Chief Operating Officer at Waymo; Former Chairman of the Internet Association Board

Gary Hamel

Internationally Renowned Expert on Business Strategy, Professor at London Business School & Author

Matthew Dixon
(4 ratings)

Chief Product & Research Officer at Tethr; Author; Advisor

Dr. Jackie Freiberg
(4 ratings)

Corporate Culture & Leadership Strategist, Best-Selling Author of "Do Something Now"

Don Peppers

Marketing & Sales Futurist, Customer Experience Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author

Ira Blumenthal
(1 rating)

Author; Branding & Marketing Expert

Ebony Lee

Managing Director of Graduate Programs at 2U, Inc.

Sarah Evans

Digital correspondent. Producer/writer/editor. Strategist. FAVES + CO. Birthed Twitter industry chats.

Polly LaBarre
(2 ratings)

Founding Member of the Fast Company Magazine, Co-Founder of the Management Lab & Co-Author of "Mavericks at Work"

Jim Carroll
(7 ratings)

Leading Global Futurist, Trends & Innovation Expert & Authority on Rapid Business Model Changes

Margaret Spellings

UNC System President-Elect; Former Bush Administration Official; Former United States Secretary of Education

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

Former Elite Military Unit Commander, Leadership & Resilience Expert