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Due to their extensive knowledge on government and the current state politics, these politics speakers are highly sought out for political events. From democratic to republican, these keynote speakers have experience working as correspondents, analysts, politicians, journalists and advisors. Consider booking one of these speakers for your next political event.

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Ben Stein
(1 rating)

Political Economist, Commentator, Author & Actor

George Mitchell

Global Diplomat, Peace Negotiator & Leadership Expert; Former Senate Majority Leader Who Enjoyed Bipartisan Respect

Glenn Beck

Political Commentator; Television Producer & Radio Host of "The Glenn Beck Program"

Donna Brazile
(5 ratings)

Veteran Political Strategist, Bestselling Author, Former Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee & FOX News Contributor

Andrew Gillum

CNN Commentator; Former Mayor of Tallahassee; 2018 Democratic Nominee for Governor of Florida

Sally Kohn
(2 ratings)

Founder and CEO of Movement Vision Lab; Liberal Political Columnist, Commentator & Community Organizer

Tipper Gore

Social Issues Advocate & Former Second Lady of the United States

Candace Owens
(3 ratings)

Political Activist, Conservative Commentator & Founder of Blexit

Lawrence B. Jones III

Conservative Commentator and Editor-in-Chief, Campus Reform

James O'Keefe
(1 rating)

Guerilla Journalist, Conservative Political Activist & Founder of Project Veritas

Rachel Campos-Duffy

Parenting Expert, Author, Political Analyst & Fox News Contributor

Anna Escobedo Cabral
(2 ratings)

Former Treasurer of the United States; Partner, The Cabral Group; Vice Chair of the Hispanic Advisory Committee, Comcast/NBCUniversal

Debra Maggart

Politician & Former Republican Caucus Whip of the Tennessee House of Representatives

Jason Mattera

Emmy-Nominated Journalist, Conservative Activist & Author; National Correspondent for "Crime Watch Daily"

Doug Giles

Conservative Columnist, Political Commentator & Author; Creator of ClashRadio.com

Meghan McCain
(1 rating)

Co-Host of "The View," Political Columnist, Author & Award-Winning Blogger

Ben Shapiro
(1 rating)

Conservative Political Commentator & Radio Talk Show Host

Steve Largent
(1 rating)

Retired American Football Player & Former Member of the United States Congress