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These expert healthcare speakers are medical professionals, researchers, fitness speakers, heart attack survivors, and celebrity health advocates who know the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Besides wellness topics as nutrition and body positivity, health speakers from a variety of different backgrounds address health issues such as alcohol and addiction, mental health, suicide prevention, physical disability, and raise awareness for diseases such as HIV, cancer, and diabetes. Disability speakers are powerful motivational speakers popular for events addressing overcoming adversity, determination and achieving your dreams no matter your odds or circumstance.

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Marty Makary, M.D.
(1 rating)

Healthcare Futurist, Johns Hopkins Surgeon & Professor of Public Health

Shree Bose

Grand Prize Winner of the First Google Global Science Fair & Cancer Researcher

Toby Cosgrove

Former CEO & President at Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski
(1 rating)

Known as "Doctor Mike," Leading Medical Media Voice

Montel Williams
(1 rating)

Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host Best Known For "The Montel Williams Show", Multiple Sclerosis Activist

Christine Dimmick

Breast Cancer Survivor, CEO of The Good Home Company, Author of "Detox your Home"

Dr. Drew Pinsky
(1 rating)

Trusted Health & Wellness Advocate, Television & Radio Personality

Dr. Joel Selanikio

Award-Winning Physician, Health & Technology Activist, CEO of Magpi & Founding Member of WHO’s Digital Health Roster of Experts

Cynthia Nixon

Actress Known for her Role as Miranda Hobbes on HBO's "Sex and the City"; Former Candidate for Governor of New York

Amanda Beard

Olympic Gold Medalist, Co-Founder of Beard Swim Co. & Author of New York Times Bestseller "In the Water They Can't See You Cry"

Dixon Chibanda

Psychiatrist and Director of the African Mental Health Initiative

Drew Brees
(1 rating)

Super Bowl MVP-Winning for the New Orleans Saints

Amy Purdy
(1 rating)

Former "Dancing with the Stars" Contestant & Paralympic Professional Snowboarder

Geralyn Lucas

Breast Cancer Survivor & Author of "Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy"

Mathew Knowles
(1 rating)

Breast Cancer Survivor; Founder & CEO of Music World Entertainment; Former Executive Producer for Destiny's Child & Beyoncé

Joan Lunden
(5 ratings)

Award-Winning Journalist, Bestselling Author & Health and Wellness Advocate

Shannon Miller
(4 ratings)

Olympic Gold Medalist, Health Advocate & Cancer Survivor