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Jennifer O'Neill

Internationally Acclaimed Actress, Christian & Pro-Life Advocate

Lisa Whelchel

Author, Founder of Momtime Ministries & Actress Known For "Facts of Life"

Pam Tebow
(1 rating)

Mother of Tim Tebow, Faith-Based & Pro-Life Speaker

Shannon Bream

Journalist, Host of Fox News at Night & Author

Lawrence B. Jones III

Conservative Commentator and Editor-in-Chief, Campus Reform

Charlie Kirk

Founder & Executive Director of Turning Point USA

James O'Keefe
(1 rating)

Guerilla Journalist, Conservative Political Activist & Founder of Project Veritas

Marcus Luttrell

Decorated Navy SEAL & Bestselling Author of "Lone Survivor"

Pete Seat

Former White House Spokesman, Author & Political Commentator

Jase Robertson

COO of Duck Commander & Star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty"

Star Parker

Author, Nationally Syndicated Columnist & Founder of CURE

Rachel Campos-Duffy

Parenting Expert, Author, Political Analyst & Fox News Contributor

Dennis Prager

Host of the Dennis Prager Radio Show, Co-Founder of Prager University, NY Times Bestselling Author & Columnist

Iain Duncan Smith

Former Leader of British Conservative Party, Power House Voice on Brexit & Former Secretary of State for Work & Pensions

Debra Maggart

Politician & Former Republican Caucus Whip of the Tennessee House of Representatives

Curt Schilling

Former Pitcher & 6-Time MLB All-Star; World Series MVP & 3-Time Champion; Video Game Developer & Radio Personality

David Horowitz

Nationally Known Author & Lifelong Civil Rights Activist, One of the Founders of the New Left

Bay Buchanan

Real Estate Agent, Public Speaker, Author, Political Analyst & Former U.S. Treasurer

William McGurn

Columnist for The Wall Street Journal; Former Speechwriter for President George W. Bush