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John King

CNN Chief National Correspondent & Host of "Inside Politics"

Amanda Nguyen
(1 rating)

2019 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee & CEO and Founder of Rise

Eleanor Clift

Author; Washington Correspondent & The Daily Beast Columnist; Former "The McLaughlin Group" Panelist

Ashley Fox

Award-winning Sports Journalist and Analyst; NFL Reporter and Columnist; covered the NFL for ESPN, Sports Illustrated and the Philadelphia Inquirer

Joe Madison

Civil Rights Activist & American Radio Talk-Show Host Known as “The Black Eagle” on SiriusXM’s Urban View Channel

Paul Brandus
(1 rating)

White House Correspondent & Award-Winning Author of "Under This Roof: A History of the White House and Presidency"

Pamela Melroy

Retired Air Force Officer & Former NASA Astronaut

John A. Nagl
(1 rating)

US Army Veteran, Author and Headmaster of The Haverford School

Paul Deegan

Motivational and Leadership Expert, Everest Mountaineer and Award-Winning Author

Renaldo Nehemiah

World Record Holder in the 110 meter hurdles; Former Professional Football player for the San Francisco 49ers

Annie Griffiths

Award-Winning Photographer for National Geographic

Steve Clemons
(1 rating)

Editor-at-Large at The Hill; Former Editor-in-Chief of AtlanticLIVE

Timothy Shriver
(1 rating)

Chairman & CEO of the Special Olympics

Keith R. Wyche

Author, Speaker, Career Coach and Corporate Executive Who Opens the Door to Successful Growth and Transformation!

Anna Liotta

Creator of Generationally Savvy Communication Solutions

Shibley Telhami

Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, University of Maryland

Michael Wilbon

Co-host of ESPN's "Pardon The Interuption", Washington Post Columnist