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Jeff Orlowski

Award-winning Filmmaker, Photographer, Entrepreneur & Climate Change Activist

Louie Psihoyos

Photographer & Documentary Film Director Known for the Academy Award-Winning Documentary "The Cove"

Christian Navarro
(1 rating)

Actor, Best Known for "13 Reasons Why"

Tanya Brown

Mental Health & Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate

Danny Bonaduce

Actor, Radio & Television Host, Victim of Substance Abuse and Depression

Kevin Hines
(5 ratings)

Brain Health Advocate & Storyteller

Jason Wahler

TV Personality, Known for "Laguna Beach" "The Hills" & "Celebrity Rehab", Recovery Advocate

Shree Bose

Grand Prize Winner of the First Google Global Science Fair & Cancer Researcher

Richard Roundtree

Actor & Model Known for "Shaft" Films; Breast Cancer Survivor

Mathew Knowles
(1 rating)

Breast Cancer Survivor; Founder & CEO of Music World Entertainment; Former Executive Producer for Destiny's Child & Beyoncé

Geralyn Lucas

Breast Cancer Survivor & Author of "Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy"

Samantha Harris

Emmy Award-Winning Entertainment News Journalist & Breast Cancer Survivor

Maria Teresa Kumar
(1 rating)

Political Rights Activist, President & CEO of Voto Latino, Emmy-Nominated MSNBC Contributor

Ron Rivera

Head Coach of the Washington Football Team & Former NFL Player

Rosie Rios

Former Treasurer of the United States; CEO of Red River Associates

Linda Alvarado
(2 ratings)

CEO of Alvarado Construction & National Women's Hall of Famer; First Latino Owner of a Major League Baseball Team

Cristela Alonzo

Mexican-American Stand-Up Comedienne, Actress, Writer & Producer; Creator & Star of ABC's "Cristela"

Jennifer O'Neill

Internationally Acclaimed Actress, Christian & Pro-Life Advocate

Lisa Harper

Storyteller & Theological Scholar; Bestselling Author

José M. Hernández
(4 ratings)

Former NASA Astronaut, Engineer, Former Candidate for U.S. Congress & Author