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Tina Marie Jones

Business Consultant, Strategic Interventionist & Host of Holistic Living Talk Show

Jon Bergmann

Pioneer of the Flipped Class Movement & Bestselling Author of "Flip Your Classroom"; Member of the TED-Education Advisory Board

Jesse Miller

Topics focus on Social Media Awareness & Education, New Media, Education Technology, Digital Citizenship, Media Literacy, Technology, Online Connectivity.

Grant D. Fairley

Inspirational Speaker and Teacher, Executive Coach & Author

Bruce Weinstein
(3 ratings)

Professional Ethicist Known as "The Ethics Guy;" BusinessWeek.com Columnist & Huffington Post Contributor

Christi Tasker

Social Media Branding Queen and Keynote Speaker

Elijah Ezendu

Award-Winning Business Expert & Software Architect + Interim Management, Strategy, Restructuring, Social Media, CSR, CI, BD & HR Expert

Adora Svitak

Author, Speaker, Youth Advocate & Child Welfare Professional

Allison Massari
(6 ratings)

Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, Visual Artist & Burn Survivor; Top Speaker on Resilience, Change & Overcoming Adversity

Willie D. Spears Jr.

The decisions you make today will determine your life tomorrow.

Amanda Gore
(3 ratings)

CEO of The Joy Project; Author & Psychologist; Emotional Intelligence and Performance Expert

Apollo Robbins

Sleight-of-Hand Artist and Self-Described Gentleman Thief & Deception Specialist

Jim Brazell
(1 rating)

Technology Forecaster, Venture Accelerator, STEM Advocate & Education Futurist

Ian Jukes

Educator & Technology Expert; Co-Founder of Infosavvy

Robin Crow

Acclaimed Musician, Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author; Founder of Dark Horse Recording

Liz Nead
(1 rating)

Adventure Speaker, Author & Life Coach